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Brand new AC Retrofit and Hybrid inverter is coming

5/10/2019 Omnik

Omnik will launch two new products. The models are Omnikfit-3.68k&4.6k&5k&6k-TL3-NS(AC Retrofit) and Omnikhyd-3.68k&4.6k&5k&6k-TL3-NS(Hybrid).

In terms of appearance, new products still adopt no-screen and no-button design,  parameters and safety regulation settings and modificationscan be done remotely through online system. Three aspects have been taken into consideration during the R&D of new storage models: higher self-consumptionratio, automatic and quick switching power supply mode, and bidirectional energy storage efficiency.

Improve the self-use part. During the day, the PV power is used to supply the load, and the remaining electricity is stored in the battery.At night, the electricity stored in the battery during the day is used for the load to minimize the use of electricity from the grid.

Automatic switching power supply mode. When the power grid is out or the power grid is unstable, the battery mode can be switched to automatically and quickly without affecting the load usage.

Bidirectional energy storage. When electricity unit priceis low, the battery will be charged by grid.Use the battery as a power source when the unit price is higher.

AC Retrofit is designed for users who have already installed on-grid inverter, and it can convert the system into a hybrid system. Therefore, Hybrid is an all-in-one machine, which is suitable for new installs.

Let's look forward to the glorious future of Omnik!